2017 Summer Institutes Are Posted

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7.) Math Task Design with Desmos Activity Builder w/ Robert Lochel
14.) Tips for Math Coaches, Math Supervisors, and Math Leaders w/ Angelo DeMattia
West Windsor’s Board Office, at 321 Village Road East, West Windsor
15.) Developing Mathematical Habits of the Mind – Thinking the Math Instead of Doing the Math w/Tom Beatini

16.) Formulating Formative Assessments and Creating Quality Questions for Summative Assessments w/ Lena Komitas & Dianna M. Sopala

17.) Help! My Students Don’t Remember What They Learned Last Year (K-2): Filling in the Gaps in Students’ Learning w/Denise Rawding

18.) Tech in the Math Classroom Grades 7-12 w/ Dianna Sopala & Nicole Zayatz

19.) A Visual Approach to Algebra & the NJ Standards w/ Angelo DeMattia

20.) Engaging Formative Assessment Techniques With Technology w/ Eric Milou

21.) Incorporating Desmos in Algebra 2 and Pre-Calculus Classes w/ Kathleen Carter