About Us

AMTNJ is a community of people interested in the learning and teaching of mathematics.


We provide opportunities for personal and professional growth and opportunities to keep abreast of current developments and teaching methods. We include times for socialization for AMTNJ members and others who attend our conferences meetings and professional development events. We’ve offered meetings like
last’s year’s Two-Day Conference, this year’s Two-Day Conference, the Winter Meeting, the Special Education Conference, the Dimacs-AMTNJ Precalc Conference, Web-PD, Summer Institutes, and the NJEA Teacher’s Convention math meetings.

We hold contests for students to develope their mathematical thought and be acknowledged as math achievers. For example, we hold the Middle School Math Contest, the High School Math Contest, and the Button Contest.

We grant scholarship money to undergraduates who have applied, been judged, and have been found worthy of our support because of their scholarship, service, and need (see scholarships) and to groups who need more money to present a professional meeting (see mini-grant).

We remember our past and recognize and honor our leaders and those worthy of recognition.

We communicate through our journal, newsletter, and through facebook, NJEA.ORG and twitter through #AMTNJ.

We appoint people to a variety of tasks and elect officers who have demonstrated their ability to serve and to lead and provide opportunities and training in leadership positions.

We welcome and encourage you to join us.