2016 In Review

Spring Executive Council Meeting

AMTNJ Scholarship is awarded.

2016 HS winners

The AMTNJ High School and AMTNJ Middle School Math Contests are given.

2016 HS & MS winners

December Two-Day Meeting

2017 Slate is Elected.

Immediately below, click to see enlargement.

Student volunteers gather.

J. Michael Nuspl Receives Max Sobel Award

Dr. Jay Schiffman and Dr. Thomas Walsh chat.

This year’s Two-Day included many happy and traditional events. Co-Treasurer Roy Eismann and Administrative Assistant Susan Landers processed participants, Past-President Eric Milou engaged his audience, Past-Presidents gathered, President-Elect Makoto Yoshida spoke of his initiatives, Mick Nuspl received the Max Sobel Award, and we, including Evan Maletsky, gathered to mourn the passing of Max Sobel. Click on their pictures to see an enlargement.

Pictures are by Makoto Yoshida.
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