2017 In Review

Web PD — Learn Together Over the Internet!

WebPD Session — “Common Core” January 4, 2017
WebPD Session — “SMART Board in the Mathematics Classroom” January 4, 2017
WebPD Session — “Number Talks” January 5, 2017
WebPD Session — “Algebra I: Formative & Summative Assessments” February 1, 2017
WebPD Session — “Algebra I: Resources for Lessons & Assessments” March 1, 2017





“Exciting and Motivating Activities to Address the New State Standards”
February 8, 2017


Rutgers Pre-calculus Conference

“Good Ideas in Teaching Pre-calculus and … “

March 17, 2017

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The first DIMACS-AMTNJ Precalc Meeting was a sucess. We jointly did registration. Speakers presented papers to appreciative participants. Over its thirty-one year history friendships have formed. Here presenters Jay Schiffman, Neil Cooperman, and Ahmed Salama pose for a picture as Joe Rosenstein, Plenary Session Speaker and Conference Coordinator, works with a calculator and Ken Collins prepares for a Sharing Session. Photos courtesy of Neil Cooperman, Precalc Conference AMTNJ Liaison.


AMTNJ/DIMACS Workshops (January to May, 2017):  Grades K-5   Grades 6-8   Grades 9-12

3-17-17 Mathematical Forensics: Solving Crimes Using Mathematics, Grades 10-12 with Eugene Fiorini
3-17-17 31st Annual Rutgers PRECALC-17 Good Ideas in Teaching Precalculus and . . . Conference
3-22-17 Visualizing Problem Solving in Grades 3-5 and the New Standards with Angelo DeMattia
3-23-17 Math & Technology: Perfect Together- Integrating the New Standards Using Technology, Grades 6-8
3-24-17 Thinking about Calculus before “Calculus,” Grades 9-12 with Ralph Pantozzi
4-10-17 Differentiating Math Instruction, Grades K-5
4-11-17 Get Smarter! Take the SAT or ACT! Grades 9-12 with Robin Schwartz
4-12-17 All Students Need Statistics! Are You Prepared to Teach Them Under the New Standards? with Neil Cooperman
4-14-17 Formative Assessment, Productive Struggle, and Student Discourse with Neil Cooperman
4-24-17 Simple Hands-On Activities for Sixth through Ninth Grade Students with Ira Nirenberg
4-25-17 Inspiring K-8 Students to Love Math
4-27-17 Visualizing Fractions! Grades 4-8 with Ira Nirenberg
5-01-17 Precalculus and Astronomy: A Match Made in the Heavens, Grades 10-12 with Ira Nirenberg
5-04-17 Physics for Math Teachers, Grades 9-12 with Ira Nirenberg

Joan Vas, Executive Coordinator, Scholarship Program and AMTNJ Past-President, joanvas@optonline.net reminds members that the March 29, 2017 deadline is approaching. The AMTNJ Scholarship is for high school seniors who wish to pursue a career in mathematics education.


2017 Two-Day Meeting Info and Submit a Proposal

AMTNJ President-Elect Thomas P. Walsh may be reached at tpwalsh@kean.edu.

AMTNJ President Makoto Yoshida may be reached at yoshida112358@gmail.com.


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Forward your correspondence to Kristie Prokop,
drkristieprokop@gmail.com and note Max Sobel nomination in the subject line.


May 23, 1914 is AMTNJ’s Birth Day!   Past President Mick Nuspl celebrates with the first 5 of his “Tiny Treasures in AMTNJ’s History.” View them at AMTNJ’s History Page.


Ann Brunn, a senior at Immaculata High School in Somerville, NJ is the AMYNJ 2017 Scholarship winner.

For more about Ann and the AMTNJ Scholarship go to Scholarship Winner.

Pictures are by Makoto Yoshida.

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Link to Registration Form: http://amtnj.org/two-day-conference/

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