2017 In Review

Web PD — Learn Together Over the Internet!

WebPD Session — “Common Core” January 4, 2017
WebPD Session — “SMART Board in the Mathematics Classroom” January 4, 2017
WebPD Session — “Number Talks” January 5, 2017
WebPD Session — “Algebra I: Formative & Summative Assessments” February 1, 2017
WebPD Session — “Algebra I: Resources for Lessons & Assessments” March 1, 2017





“Exciting and Motivating Activities to Address the New State Standards”
February 8, 2017


Rutgers Pre-calculus Conference

“Good Ideas in Teaching Pre-calculus and … “

March 17, 2017

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The first DIMACS-AMTNJ Precalc Meeting was a sucess. We jointly did registration. Speakers presented papers to appreciative participants. Over its thirty-one year history friendships have formed. Here presenters Jay Schiffman, Neil Cooperman, and Ahmed Salama pose for a picture as Joe Rosenstein, Plenary Session Speaker and Conference Coordinator, works with a calculator and Ken Collins prepares for a Sharing Session. Photos courtesy of Neil Cooperman, Precalc Conference AMTNJ Liaison.


AMTNJ/DIMACS Workshops (January to May, 2017):  Grades K-5   Grades 6-8   Grades 9-12

3-17-17 Mathematical Forensics: Solving Crimes Using Mathematics, Grades 10-12 with Eugene Fiorini
3-17-17 31st Annual Rutgers PRECALC-17 Good Ideas in Teaching Precalculus and . . . Conference
3-22-17 Visualizing Problem Solving in Grades 3-5 and the New Standards with Angelo DeMattia
3-23-17 Math & Technology: Perfect Together- Integrating the New Standards Using Technology, Grades 6-8
3-24-17 Thinking about Calculus before “Calculus,” Grades 9-12 with Ralph Pantozzi
4-10-17 Differentiating Math Instruction, Grades K-5
4-11-17 Get Smarter! Take the SAT or ACT! Grades 9-12 with Robin Schwartz
4-12-17 All Students Need Statistics! Are You Prepared to Teach Them Under the New Standards? with Neil Cooperman
4-14-17 Formative Assessment, Productive Struggle, and Student Discourse with Neil Cooperman
4-24-17 Simple Hands-On Activities for Sixth through Ninth Grade Students with Ira Nirenberg
4-25-17 Inspiring K-8 Students to Love Math
4-27-17 Visualizing Fractions! Grades 4-8 with Ira Nirenberg
5-01-17 Precalculus and Astronomy: A Match Made in the Heavens, Grades 10-12 with Ira Nirenberg
5-04-17 Physics for Math Teachers, Grades 9-12 with Ira Nirenberg

Joan Vas, Executive Coordinator, Scholarship Program and AMTNJ Past-President, joanvas@optonline.net reminds members that the March 29, 2017 deadline is approaching. The AMTNJ Scholarship is for high school seniors who wish to pursue a career in mathematics education.


2017 Two-Day Meeting Info and Submit a Proposal

AMTNJ President-Elect Thomas P. Walsh may be reached at tpwalsh@kean.edu.

AMTNJ President Makoto Yoshida may be reached at yoshida112358@gmail.com.


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drkristieprokop@gmail.com and note Max Sobel nomination in the subject line.


May 23, 1914 is AMTNJ’s Birth Day!   Past President Mick Nuspl celebrates with the first 5 of his “Tiny Treasures in AMTNJ’s History.” View them at AMTNJ’s History Page.


Pictures are by Makoto Yoshida.

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