The Results of the 2018 Middle School Math Contest are In!

Team Results out of 135 Possible Points


Team Winners & The Team Scores
Place & Score School Coach/Advisor Team Members w/Scores
1st, 130.50 Pond Road Middle School Dan Rotante and Alyssa Gautieri A (27), C (26), H (26), S (25.75), S (25.75)
2nd, 123.25 Warren Middle School Susan Cooper A (26), R (25), S (24.75), S (23.75), E (23.75)
3rd, 119.25 Secaucus Middle School Alexandra Faro and Pasquale Cocucci A (26), P (25.75), H (23), N (22.75), S (21.75)


Individual Winners out of 22 Possible Points

Individual Winners & Their Scores
1st Place, Tied with 27 Points R of Branchburg Central Middle School
A of Pond Road Middle School
3rd Place, Tied with 26 Points C of Pond Road Middle School
H of Pond Road Middle School
A of Secaucus Middle School
A of Warren Middle School

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