Call for Nominations for the 2020 Max Sobel Award

The Association of Mathematics Teachers of New Jersey Criteria for Selecting
The Max Sobel Award for Outstanding Leadership and Service in Mathematics Education

To Educators & Members of the Mathematical Community:

The Association of Mathematics Teachers of New Jersey (AMTNJ) seeks to honor those New Jersey educators who have made an exceptional contribution to mathematics education. The honor accorded would have both an immediate and a perpetual component. Information regarding the inductees will be permanently displayed on the AMTNJ website,

The educators chosen for the Award will be those who have demonstrated, in concrete ways, the importance of mathematics to the students we influence. They have publicly expressed their understanding of the heavy dependence our world places upon the discipline to affect progress, advance knowledge in other areas and, in general, impact the quality of people’s lives. Mathematics educators who fit the description outlined are those whose sphere of influence has gone far beyond their usual workplace and whose contribution to mathematics education is widely known, at least among professional mathematics educators in New Jersey. Those individuals chosen for this honor will have a high profile and their names will usually evoke a reasonably high level of familiarity within the active mathematical community. Induction into the Max Sobel Award for Outstanding Leadership and Service in Mathematics Education is designed to be among the highest acknowledgements a mathematics educator can receive.

There are two recognition prerequisites:
(1) The educator must have been involved in mathematics education in New Jersey for a minimum of 20 years.
(2) The educator must have made extraordinary contributions to the advancement of mathematics education in New Jersey.

The linked nomination sheets provide a guide for the summary of the accomplishments of your candidate for induction. The nominees will be judged on four (4) dimensions of leadership: local/district; service; change; professionalism and professional growth. While we ask you to try to answer in accordance with as many of the topics as possible, you are not limited to these and may extend your answers as appropriate. Please enter responses for each dimension on the attached nomination sheets.

The decision regarding the candidates to be recognized will be made by a selection committee and will be based upon the strength of the written evidence.

If you know of an individual whom you feel deserves the Max Sobel Award, please submit your nomination on the nomination form and the “Max Sobel Award Nomination” documents. Forms can be downloaded from the website: Write responses to as many of the indicators as you can and then email your completed document to Stephanie H. Cooperman (

The deadline for submission of the initial nomination is June 30, 2020.