Current Membership

Currently there are over to 1,600 members of AMTNJ. These members are teachers, supervisors, chairpersons, professors, administrators, coaches, consultants, students and retirees who represent the north, central and south regions of New Jersey.

Benefits of Membership

Members of AMTNJ  stay connected and informed about new concepts, developments and trends in mathematics education.

Member benefits include:

  • discounted rates for seminars and conferences,
  • state of the art professional development,
  • timely updates regarding current events that impact teaching methods,
  • access to scholarships and grants,
  • access to current and past journals and newsletters,
  • notifications of all upcoming AMTNJ events, and
  • peer to peer networking opportunities.

Our annual membership fee is $30 for active educators and $15 for retired educators and students and this year we are offering a two year membership with a fee of $50 for active educators and $25 for retired educators and students.  We also have an e-membership option: $20 for one year, and $35 for two. Memberships expire each year on December 31st.

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Ready to join?

Here is the Paper Membership Application.
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To reach AMTNJ, contact:

PO Box 366
Saddle River, NJ 07458

732-788-1257 (Office)
732-399-5388 (Fax)