Interactive Whiteboard Resources

Teacher Led:

This site is designed to provide teachers with access to free high quality teaching resources for use on Interactive Whiteboards. In line with the title of this site all of the resources on this on this site are designed to help the teacher lead the lesson. They do not attempt to provide any instruction. Their purpose is to allow the teacher to explain, demonstrate and provide examples to further the students’ understanding of the lesson. By not circumventing the teacher’s role, as many resources do, they allow the teacher to provide as much instruction and examples as he/she deems necessary at an appropriate pace.

Smart Exchange:
This website is dedicated to lessons, resources, and tools that can be used in conjunction with Smartboards.

Promethean Planet:
Created by teachers, for teachers, Promethean Planet is a unique teaching, sharing and support community dedicated to Whiteboard users.

I Learn Technology:
This site is an edublog that is dedicated to integrating technology into the classroom. Among other technological tools, it coincides with many Promethean products.







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