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In September 2021, we will provide our 2nd annual virtual “EdCamp AMTNJ.” Join us on Flipgrid from Monday, September 13 – Wednesday, September 15 for a timely discussion on various mathematics education topics of interest, generated by YOU, the participant! We will have door prizes, lots of sharing and resources, and more! Tickets are free.

To register, click this link. Want to submit a topic for the event? Use this link.

Beginning in October, AMTNJ will host three Engage Series.

In October, Sopala will lead a virtual Engage series on Personalizing Education. We know that next year, more than ever, teachers will engage with students with a wide variety of previous learning experiences. Dianna will show us techniques for meeting the needs of all learners, “just in time” intervention instead of “just in case” intervention, and how to leverage some of the amazing technology we used this year.

In November, Andrea Bean will be leading a virtual Engage series on Social-Emotional Learning (SEL). This series will focus on the structures of your class that promote SEL, the instructional choices that promote SEL, and how to infuse your curriculum with the skills outlined in the CASEL Framework.

In December, Jessica Cincotta, Melissa Pearson, and Susan Totaro will host a virtual Engage series on Equity and Inclusivity. Look for more details as that series approaches.

Also, look for an in-person conference in Spring 2022!