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AMTNJ Virtual Offerings

Engage Series 1: Assessment & Intervention, Session 3: High School Mathematics Intervention

Presenter: Dr. Kara Teehan, Middletown Township Public Schools Summary: The speaker will discuss Tier I intervention strategies that all teachers can implement in their high school math classes to reach most students in the normal classroom setting.  She will describe the process of identifying and working with intervention students, including goal setting and progress monitoring.  […]

Engage Series 2: K-5 Mathematics Learning and Teaching, Session 1: Counting! It’s not just for Kindergarten anymore!

Presenters: Danielle Seibert, Rose Scullion, Abby Friend, and Melanie Tindall, Middletown Township Public Schools Summary: In this session, the traditional definition of counting will be challenged. Ideas for choral counting, counting circles, and counting routines for upper elementary students will be discussed and shared. Attendees will walk away with ideas to implement fraction, decimal, and […]