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Statistical Literacy Should Not Be Optional: Gail Burrill

Description: Recognizing the increasing need for statistical/quantitative thinking and reasoning in today’s world, NCTM’s Catalyzing Change identifies making sense of the world as a central purpose in teaching mathematics. How can we make this vision a reality...

Connecting What We Teach To The World Around Us: Gail Burrill

Description: Investigating mathematical relationships can be a wonderful experience but one that often does not resonate with students. Let’s explore some contextual situations such as ranking or predicting (will woman’s earnings catch up to men’s) that can motivate...

Sense-Making Smash 3-8: LeighAnn Layton & Danielle Ventrello

Description: Are you looking for ways to help students be sense-makers rather than answer getters? Get ready to explore a rapid-fire selection of engaging tasks designed to ignite mathematical curiosity, spark reasoning and promote rich math discourse.