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About Us:

AMTNJ is a community of people interested in the teaching and learning of mathematics.



  •   Support the teaching of mathematics through professional development, teacher outreach, and communication
  •   Support the learning of mathematics through our work with teachers, our mathematics contests, and our scholarship program
  •   Encourage community through networking opportunities, socialization, and celebration of our award winners

We offer professional development opportunities, including:

  •   Fall and Spring One Day Conferences
  •   Full-Day Workshops
  •   Webinars
  •   AMTNJ EdCamp
  •   NJEA Teachers’ Convention Sessions
  •   Customized Staff Development

We hold contests for students to who want to engage more deeply with mathematics, including:

  •   The Middle School Math Contest
  •   The High School Math Contest

We offer scholarships to select undergraduate students who are committed to working in the field of mathematics education.

We remember our past and recognize and honor those worthy of recognition.

We communicate through our journal, newsletter, and Twitter account.

We provide multiple opportunities for service and leadership.

We welcome and encourage you to join us.