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Every classroom, every student is bursting with potential. That’s why we pursue relentless innovation at the intersection of technology, people, and curricula.

Imagine Learning’s effective learning solutions are fueled by insights from educators and evolve to meet the ever-changing demands of tomorrow. We continually refine our research-backed curricula and equip educators with data that drives clear insights and ignites learning breakthroughs.

We work alongside teachers, administrators, and parents to support the boundless potential of over 15 million students in over half of the districts nationwide. Imagine Learning. Empower potential.™

For over 40 years, EAI Education has proudly provided PreK-12 classrooms with high-quality educational resources at affordable prices. From essential hands-on math manipulatives to the latest innovations in STEM technology, our selection of educational products will Make Your Classroom Come Alive!™

We are a family-owned business that had humble beginnings back in 1981 in our founder, Eric Guglberger’s basement. Eric believed that every customer was as important as the next and deserved exceptional service along with superior products. That founding principle has allowed us to grow from selling a handful of calculators out of a family home into the company we are today, offering over 5,000 classroom resources to parents, schools, and districts through our website and catalogs with an annual circulation of over 1 million…all from a facility that’s just a few streets away from that first home office.

Our Mission

We support teachers, inspire students, engage parents, and champion learning by doing.

Make an impact on student learning!

Here at hand2mind we believe children learn best by doing.

For over 50 years, teachers and administrators at thousands of schools and districts across the country have relied on our high-quality, hands-on materials to expand their core curriculum.

From math to science to STEM to literacy and from manipulatives to lessons to teacher/parent support materials, we’re always on the lookout for new ways to get students’ hands and minds working together.

Math is much more than content!

We must understand that learning math goes beyond learning concepts and procedures. Learning mathematics is also linked to the development of mental processes that structure thinking, make sense of those concepts and procedures and allow us to put them into practice.

This is the conclusion of academic research carried out in notable centers and institutions in the world of mathematics education. Centers which in turn, are the sources for the principles of the Innovamat curriculum.

Our goal is to help children become mathematically competent, to prioritize comprehension over memorization, to move away from the traditional model of the teacher being a mere transmitter of knowledge, and toward a classroom bustling with conversation, where each student participates in discovery, exploring ideas and making their own conjectures. We help children to develop the skills that will allow them to face the challenges that the future holds.

In 1984, Rutgers University established the Center for Mathematics, Science, and Computer Education. Our mission is to improve mathematics, science, and computer education programs in New Jersey and across the nation.

The Center fosters collaboration among educators, business leaders, practitioners, and researchers. Their goal is to enhance the learning and teaching of mathematics and science and to show how technology can contribute to these goals. Rutgers partners with other colleges, universities, industry, and local school systems. Each partner contributes and reaps significant benefits from the collaborative relationship. School systems support their teachers’ efforts throughout the academic year. Companies

encourage their scientists to contribute technical expertise to Center-sponsored activities. The University contributes faculty expertise to the Center. School districts gain well-trained highly motivated practitioners and become models to other districts. Corporations and their scientists enjoy visibility, recognition, and good will for their contributions. The University, in turn, fulfills its public outreach and research mission.


Teachers and students from two-thirds of NJ school districts have participated in the Centers projects for over a decade. The leadership cadre inspired by these programs improves the teaching and learning of mathematics, science, and technology statewide and across the United States.