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Test Your Mathematics Skills Against Other Schools!

AMTNJ presents a High School Mathematics Contest and a Middle School Mathematics Contest every December. Schools register their math teams and related information, and the actual tests are sent to the school. Everyone competes on the same given day and all results are mailed back to AMTNJ.

The 2020 High School Mathematics Contest is cancelled, but if you click on the “High School Contest” link below, we have several enrichment resources available.

Information on the 2020 Middle School Mathematics Contest is coming Soon!

Registration Deadline: TBD

  • Contest Date: TBD
  • Registration Fee per School: $30.00
  • Open to NJ parochial, public, and private institutions
  • Team and individual awards and certificates of achievement
  • Mail to: AMTNJ
    PO Box 264
    Bay Head, NJ 08742
  • For more information, contact Sharon Husted at amtnj@juno.com or 732-788-1257.
High School Contest

AMTNJ HS Contest for 20-21

Due to the current uncertainties around schooling structures, a timed high school contest would not be equitable nor feasible for the 2020-2021 school year. Therefore, there will be no AMTNJ High School Contest during this academic year.

Instead, we recommend that math team advisors use some of the suggested enrichment resources listed here to engage students in exploration and new learning at the school level.  

Consider a choice board with two or more of the resources. Individual students or small groups may be asked to use a short video, a presentation, or an essay to communicate what they learned. We hope that you and your students find these engaging!


Grant Sanderson (3Blue1Brown)

Matt Parker (Standup Math)

James Tanton (Thinking Maths)

Mathematics Articles:

Quanta Magazine (What’s Up in Mathematics?)

Mathematics Tasks and Activities:

Jo Boaler’s low floor high ceiling tasks (YouCubed)

JPL NASA Activities (filter for mathematics activities)


The Origami Revolution

Pi and the Fibonacci Numbers

Other Resources:



More Information for Contests:

  • Content: Pre-Algebra through Pre-Calculus
  • One 45-minute working session with calculators
  • High School Contest Rules
  • Online Registration Coming in 2021…

You can reach the High School Contest Coordinator at the following e-mail addresses:

Arpi Lajinian – lajinian@nvnet.org

Middle School Contest

More Information:

  • Content: Middle School Math
  • One 25-minute working session without calculators, one 20-minute working session with calculators
  • Middle School Contest Rules
  • Online Registration Coming Soon…


You can reach the Middle School Contest Coordinators at the following e-mail addresses:

Jelena Komitas – lenakomitas2@gmail.com

Coshetty Vargas – totowavargas@yahoo.com


Previous Contests and Answers

Coming Soon!