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AMTNJ Virtual Offerings

We are all in this together: Julie Norflus-Good

Zoom Virtual Event

Description: On a daily basis educators are challenged to meet the needs of all learners in their classrooms. Understanding differentiated instruction in regards to equality vs equity can assist all educators/administrators when planning and implementing instruction. We will also discuss strategies that can immediately be implemented in the classroom.

Equity 101: Dianna Sopala

Zoom Virtual Event

Description: With the pandemic, educational inequity has been magnified. How can we do our part, as mathematics teachers, to provide equity in the mathematics classroom? This introductory equity session will provide the opportunity for mathematics educators and administrators to discuss equity, race, and pedagogical practices and begin reducing racial disparities in their mathematics classrooms. Participants […]

The Power of Words: Using Strength-Based Language in a Mathematics Classroom: Susan Totaro

Zoom Virtual Event

Description: Working from a strength or “asset-based” mindset increases equitable outcomes for our mathematicians. This session will identify language that creates a deficit mindset for our students and teachers, and provide an opportunity for participants to shift that language to convey the strengths ALL students bring.

Creating A More Equitable Mathematics Classroom: Mark Russo

Zoom Virtual Event

Description: In this session, participants will consider how individual students and groups of students may be experiencing math class. Issues will include tracking, labeling, classroom environment, language and opportunity contexts.