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President's Message:

Dear Members,

I am delighted to serve as President of AMTNJ for 2023. Before me comes a long line of great leaders who
worked to establish a voice for New Jersey’s math teachers, and I am honored to be among those people.
As we move into 2023, I review how AMTNJ has helped me become a better educator. Here are a few of the
things our volunteer team has recently accomplished for members:

2020 and 2021 Virtual EdCamp – We pivoted and digitally held asynchronous “unconferences” during the
pandemic in September 2020 and 2021.

2020-2021 Weekly Virtual Offerings – We pivoted and held our annual two-day conference as a series of
weekly virtual sessions throughout 2020-2021.

2021-2022 Engage Series – We expanded on our initial virtual offerings and held sustained, focused sets of
three sessions that ENGAGEd participants in a specific topic over several weeks. We are continued this effort
in January and February 2023.

2022 “Teaching Matters” Conference – We reformatted our in-person annual two-day conference as a oneday event focused on teaching, K-16 and beyond. We expanded our audience to all grade levels, special
educators, administrators, and higher educators. We had a positive turnout with almost 400 attendees,
speakers, AMTNJ executives, and vendor representatives. The follow-up to this event, “Connections Matter,”
is on March 17 at Rutgers, and we hope to see you there!

2022 AP Precalculus Session for NJ Educators – We worked with the College Board to give New Jersey
educators and leaders access to the latest information about this new course offering.

Scholarships – AMTNJ supported multiple preservice math teachers with scholarships for completing their
undergraduate coursework. As a 2003 AMTNJ Scholarship recipient, I believe in the power of supporting the
next generation of math teachers and leaders.

I want to thank our immediate past president Andrea Bean, our 2022 board members, our annual conference
committee, and other special committee members for the hard work and dedication that these last several
years have required. Thank you for your creativity and enthusiasm that made this past Fall’s conference a
wonderful experience. We look forward to developing new offerings and adapting to trends and innovations
in mathematics education in 2023. Be on the lookout for 2023 Summer Institute information and the return of
our one-day workshops in Fall 2023 coming soon.

Thanks to you for being faithful members and devoted math educators. If you have suggestions, questions, or
concerns, I hope you will reach out to me in the coming year. I look forward to connecting with you!

Kind regards,

John Kerrigan, Ed.D.