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President's Message:

Mark Russo, President, AMTNJ

January 1, 2021

Dear Colleagues,

My name is Mark Russo, and I am proud to serve as the 107th President of the Association of Mathematics Teachers of New Jersey. It is truly an honor to serve in an organization that represents some of the most talented, thoughtful, generous, and hard-working people that I know. Mathematics teachers are essential in every sense of the word. They exercise great empathy and love in building relationships and working to create an environment where each student and group of students can flourish and thrive. They exercise great skill and creativity in designing experiences where students can engage in deep mathematical meaning making. Mathematics teachers do what it takes, but what concerns me today is that over these past many months, circumstances have physically separated teachers from their colleagues, put up barriers between teachers and their students, and created situations where the joy of teaching has become more elusive.

AMTNJ has no silver bullet, and is learning and adapting right alongside teachers in the state. AMTNJ is known for its meaningful and accessible professional development, but with in-person gatherings on hold and teachers so incredibly busy, it has been more difficult to provide appropriate support. Still, AMTNJ’s greatest strength is not its conferences or workshops, its publications or contests, its scholarships or awards, or even its rich history. AMTNJ’s greatest strength is the thousands of talented, thoughtful, generous, hard-working mathematics teachers in the state, and its greatest value is creating a space where teachers can communicate, collaborate, and connect. AMTNJ is a community of people interested in the teaching and learning of mathematics, and I ask that you consider joining this community as we work to support one another and our students in the months and years to come. Please visit https://amtnj.org/member-benefits/ to learn about the benefits of becoming a member, and please visit https://amtnj.org/conferences/ to learn about upcoming events. If you are interested in taking on more of a leadership role for AMTNJ, please send me an e-mail – [email protected].

Thank you for all that you do, and I wish you a healthy and safe 2021.