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President's Message:

Collective Teacher Efficacy is the belief that teachers have in the ability to positively impact student learning as a team. Collective Teacher Efficacy is strongly correlated with student achievement and is vital for the health of a school. For perspective, John Hattie assigns Collective Teacher Efficacy an effect size of 1.57. This is almost three times the effect of positive classroom management. Collective Teacher Efficacy is more than just a growth mindset. It is the fundamental, powerful belief that teachers cause learning, not students. Teachers working together with high expectations can have a formidable impact on all students.

You may be wondering why I am starting my first President’s message writing about Collective Teacher Efficacy. It is because Collective Teacher Efficacy captures the essence of everything I believe about the mathematics teachers of New Jersey. Together we are stronger. Together we have the power to make mathematics accessible for every child in our state. It has been a difficult two years. Now more than ever, we realize that our colleagues are the best source of support; that as a group, we can learn together how to make virtual school, hybrid school or in-person pandemic
school work. I am passionate about the “collective” in teacher efficacy. This is why I became President of AMTNJ.

Together, the members of AMTNJ work to make a difference. I appreciate everyone who has joined us learning together through our Engage Series and I cannot wait to learn together in-person again. I appreciate everyone
who took the time to join our organization. Your dues help support our learning opportunities, scholarships and contests. I am especially grateful to those who are at a point in their lives and careers that allows them the
time to volunteer. We are a volunteer organization and every bit of help is important and valued. We will have more information on volunteer opportunities in our next newsletter!

I am honored to have the office of President and to serve the teachers and students of New Jersey. Together, we will navigate the end of this pandemic and build a future full of students who grow to be mathematical
thinkers and happy, healthy people.

Andrea Bean
AMTNJ President 2022