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AMTNJ Virtual Offerings

Statistical Literacy Should Not Be Optional: Gail Burrill

Zoom Virtual Event

Description: Recognizing the increasing need for statistical/quantitative thinking and reasoning in today's world, NCTM’s Catalyzing Change identifies making sense of the world as a central purpose in teaching mathematics. How […]

Friendly Factoring: Robyn Poulsen

Zoom Virtual Event

Description: Do your students struggle with factoring? Can’t keep track of which method to use and when? Come learn ONE method for factoring that even the most struggling learners can […]

Math & Inclusion Are Not Mutually Exclusive: Tanya Tenturier-Brinkley

Zoom Virtual Event

Description: Participants will learn why it’s important to acknowledge diversity, inclusion, multiculturalism, & create equitable conditions in the classroom. As they unpack the aforementioned terms, participants will engage in hands-on […]

Microaggressions and the Classroom: Jessica Cincotta

Zoom Virtual Event

Description: Participants will be challenged to reflect on and think deeply about unconscious biases and how those biases influence our teaching, classroom environment, and interactions with families and the community. […]

Equity via Coding & Fizz Buzz: Tom Steinke & Robyn Poulsen

Zoom Virtual Event

Description: Fizz Buzz is a beautiful, low-floor high ceiling coding task that all learners can be successful with! Our coding solution is a portable, offline programming solution, overcoming access issues […]