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AMTNJ Virtual Offerings

Open Up Resources 6-8 Math: Natalie Perez & Michael Smulewicz

Zoom Virtual Event

Description: Learn more about this excellent, top-rated, free curriculum with a 7th and 8th grade math teacher in their second year of full middle school implementation. How is it different from what students and teachers have been doing before? Explore the "growing pains" of leading students through rich, valuable tasks that improve their ability to […]

I didn’t know Desmos did that!: Nickolas Corley

Zoom Virtual Event

Description: Everybody knows that Desmos is an amazing tool for graphing! In this session we will explore some of the amazing things the graphing calculator can also do besides graph. We will explore: coordinate geometry, distributions, probability, student feedback, and some other new tools. Twitter: @mrcorleymath @algebradesmos

Using Algebra Tiles from Simplifying Expressions to Factoring: Jocelyn Dunnack & Astrida Lizins

Zoom Virtual Event

Description: In this session, teachers will have a chance to explore algebra tiles and learn how to use them to simplify expressions, solve equations, and engage in polynomial multiplication, and factoring using the virtual Algebra Tiles. Participants will practice a series of problems they can use with students to build their conceptual understanding of these […]

BOT Meeting

Zoom Virtual Event

Taking 3 Act Tasks To The Next Level: Danielle Ventrello & LeighAnn Layton

Zoom Virtual Event

Description: Are you a fan of Dan Meyer and Graham Fletcher? We've taken their existing 3 Act Tasks and transformed them into ready-to-use, teacher friendly lessons in a convenient slide show format. Come preview our work and you will leave with a collection of these lessons.  

Appealing Problem Solving With A Touch Of History And Technology: Jay Schiffman

Zoom Virtual Event

Description: In this hands-on workshop, participants will engage in several rich problems selected from the areas of number and operations, algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, calculus and discrete mathematics. Each of the problems will address a number of the Eight Standards For Mathematical Practice.

AMTNJ Virtual EdCamp

Virtual Event

From Monday, September 21 at 8 AM through Friday, September 25th at 3 PM, AMTNJ will host its first ever virtual EdCamp. For more information, see this flyer. To register, click here.

Engaging Activities in the Middle School Math Classroom: Ally Wojciechowski & Jessica Dowling

Zoom Virtual Event

Description: In this session, teachers and coaches will participate in activities that build a teacher's toolbox of engagement strategies. Participants will learn about and experience strategies to engage students in a variety of mathematical practices. Walk away with specific structures that you can immediately implement in your daily practice!