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AMTNJ Virtual Offerings

We are all in this together: Julie Norflus-Good

Zoom Virtual Event

Description: On a daily basis educators are challenged to meet the needs of all learners in their classrooms. Understanding differentiated instruction in regards to equality vs equity can assist all […]

Equity 101: Dianna Sopala

Zoom Virtual Event

Description: With the pandemic, educational inequity has been magnified. How can we do our part, as mathematics teachers, to provide equity in the mathematics classroom? This introductory equity session will […]

The Power of Words: Using Strength-Based Language in a Mathematics Classroom: Susan Totaro

Zoom Virtual Event

Description: Working from a strength or “asset-based” mindset increases equitable outcomes for our mathematicians. This session will identify language that creates a deficit mindset for our students and teachers, and provide an opportunity for participants to shift that language to convey the strengths ALL students bring.

Creating A More Equitable Mathematics Classroom: Mark Russo

Zoom Virtual Event

Description: In this session, participants will consider how individual students and groups of students may be experiencing math class. Issues will include tracking, labeling, classroom environment, language and opportunity contexts.