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AMTNJ Virtual Offerings

Using “Cool Problems” To Explore Limits Of Sequences: Tom Beatini

Zoom Virtual Event

Description: Do sequences have to end? Let’s explore some “cool problems” where sequences model real-world phenomena. See how technology connects algebraic representations, promotes algebraic thinking and a deeper understanding of sequences and limits to help students move from algebra to calculus.

Leveraging Student Errors: JoAnna Castellano

Zoom Virtual Event

Description: Utilizing student work live in class to leverage an error shows students that they can critique each other’s work in a safe, learning environment. Student can learn more from […]

Mathematics and Elections: An Overview: Joseph Rosenstein

Zoom Virtual Event

Description: This presentation will provide an overview of the mathematical questions that arise in decisions about the census, apportionment, redistricting, who gets to vote, how the vote takes place, how […]

Sense-Making Smash 3-8: LeighAnn Layton & Danielle Ventrello

Zoom Virtual Event

Description: Are you looking for ways to help students be sense-makers rather than answer getters? Get ready to explore a rapid-fire selection of engaging tasks designed to ignite mathematical curiosity, […]

Connecting What We Teach To The World Around Us: Gail Burrill

Zoom Virtual Event

Description: Investigating mathematical relationships can be a wonderful experience but one that often does not resonate with students. Let’s explore some contextual situations such as ranking or predicting (will woman’s […]