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The Association of Mathematics Teachers of New Jersey Awards One Scholarship for 2021

Joan J. Vas, Executive Coordinator Scholarship Program

For the 2020-2021 school year, AMTNJ awarded one student a $3,000 scholarship.  This year’s awardee is Haley Meyerson, Pascack Hills High School, sponsored by Dr. Mark Russo, District Supervisor of Mathematics and Computer Science.

Haley will be attending Montclair State University in the fall.  She wrote in her essay that “becoming a teacher has always been a dream of mine ever since I was young.  My love of children feeds into my interest in teaching as well as my interest in the subject.  I have always found math to be a puzzle that I am eager to solve, and I enjoy learning new concepts.  I am currently a teacher assistant alongside my former Algebra II teacher, Ms. Gaeta.  Her positive and encouraging attitude brightens the classroom and makes everyone ready to learn.  I can only hope that I can do the same for my students.”

Congratulations to our awardee and thanks to Dr. Mark Russo for recommending this outstanding candidate.  Haley will have the opportunity to reapply for this scholarship for the next three years.

To date, 65 candidates have received this initial scholarship.  Once the initial award has been made, these awardees are contacted for the next three years and given the chance to apply for a renewal scholarship. This May we have eight previous awardees who will have this opportunity available to them.

The amount of the renewal scholarship is dependent upon available funds at that time.  Members should visit the AMTNJ web site, www.amtnj.org, for the latest scholarship application and additional information for those who wish to make a tax-deductible contribution to the program.

Special thanks to the Scholarship Committee consisting of AMTNJ Past Presidents Jelena Komitas and Thomas Walsh along with Julie Norflus Good, Anna Maria Graf and Joan J. Vas, Executive Coordinator of the AMTNJ Scholarship Program.  It should be noted that this is the 25th year that AMTNJ has awarded scholarships to graduating high school seniors interested in a career in mathematics education.

Thank you to the AMTNJ Executive Board and the AMTNJ membership for their continued support of this program.  Special thanks to President Mark Russo for his generous support of this program.