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AMTNJ Virtual Offerings

Motivating Desires And Problem Solving: Lisa Warner & Roberta Schorr

Zoom Virtual Event

Description: Earlier research uncovers a multitude of “in the in-the-moment” motivating desires that accompany mathematical problem solving. These motivating desires evoke differing patterns of engagement and social interaction. In this […]

Facilitate Meaningful Mathematical Discourse In Elementary Classrooms: Dominique Vetrano & Nicole Hreno

Zoom Virtual Event

Description: Effective teaching of mathematics facilitates discourse among students to build shared understanding of mathematical ideas by analyzing and comparing student approaches and arguments (NCTM Teaching Practice). This session will examine mathematical tasks that focus on procedures with connections and doing mathematics. Tasks that have high-cognitive demand are complex enough to give students something to […]

Avoiding The One-Way Approach: Jesse Johnson & Jennifer Jernigan

Zoom Virtual Event

Description: Participants will explore a multi-dimensional approach to teaching math in general and special education classes. Participants will leave the session with tools and strategies that will encourage student self-discovery.