Read About The First 100 Years of AMTNJ.


Tiny Treasures in AMTNJ’s History

by Dr. J. Michael Nuspl, AMTNJ Past President #66, 1979-1980


    1. The Origin of AMTNJ
    2. Photos of 99 of the First 100 Presidents Page A, Page B, Page C, Page D, See Decade and Individual Past Presidents Photos.
    3. Newark Public Schools Presidents
    4. Montclair State University Presidents
    5. Montclair State University Seniors Who Later Became AMTNJ Presidents
    6. Term of Office and AMTNJ Business Years
    7. 102 AMTNJ Presidents by Location at Time of Presidency
    8. Little Known Facts Page A, Page B, Page C
    9. Past-Presidents Return to Share Ideas Page A, Page B, Page C, Page D


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