Read About The First 100 Years of AMTNJ.


Tiny Treasures in AMTNJ’s History

by Dr. J. Michael Nuspl, AMTNJ Past President #66, 1979-1980


1 The Origin of AMTNJ
2 Photos of 99 of the First 100 Presidents
Page A, Page B, Page C, Page D, See Decade and Individual Past Presidents Photos.
3 Newark Public Schools Presidents
4 Montclair State University Presidents
5 Montclair State University Seniors Who Later Became AMTNJ Presidents
6 Term of Office and AMTNJ Business Years
7 102 AMTNJ Presidents by Location at Time of Presidency
8 Little Known Facts Page A, Page B, Page C, Page D, Page E, Page F
9 Past-Presidents Return to Share Ideas
Page A 1989 & 1995, Page B 1997 & 2001, Page C 2002 & 2003,Page D 2013 & 2014, Page E 2008
10 AMTNJ Past-presidents continue to serve as advisors
11 The Max Sobel Award
Page A, Page B, Page C, Page D, Page E
12 The First 100 Years of AMTNJ Archives Project Has Now Been Completed
Contact Dr. J. Michael Nuspl at nusplmath@optonline.net.
13 Rutgers University Presidents
14 Princeton University Presidents
15 Presidents from Elizabeth Public Schools and Rowan University
16 Bicycles and Two AMTNJ Presidents
17 A Tribute to Virgil S. Mallory
18 How Did Participants Travel to AMTNJ Conferences/Meetings?
Page A, Page B, Page C, Page D, Page E
19 Mathematics Buildings Named for Two AMTNJ Presidents
20 A Tribute to Mary C. Rogers
21 A Tribute to Albert E. Meder Page A, Page B, Page C, Page D, Page E, Page F, Page G
22 NCTM Members with New Jersey Roots Page A, Page B
23 A 1957 Report from a Mathematics Fellow by Mary E. Froustet Page A, Page B




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