Test Your Mathematics Skills Against Other Schools!

 AMTNJ has presented annually a High School Mathematics Contest and in 2012 it also presented its first annual Middle School Mathematics Contest.   Schools register their math teams and related information, and the actual tests are sent to the school. Everyone competes on the same given day and all results are mailed back to AMTNJ.

2020 Math Contests Coming Soon!

  • Registration Deadline: TBD
  • Contest Date: TBD
  • Registration Fee per School: $30.00
  • Open to NJ parochial, public, and private institutions
  • High School Specifics:
    • Content: Pre-Algebra through Pre-Calculus
    • One 45-minute working session with calculators
  • Middle School Specifics:
    • Content: Middle School Math
    • One 25-minute working session without calculators, one 20-minute working session with calculators
  • Team and individual awards and certificates of achievement
  • Mail to: AMTNJ
    PO Box 264
    Bay Head, NJ 08742


Click here for the High School Math Contest Rules

High School Contest Paper Registration

High School Contest Online Registration


Click here for the Middle School Math Contest Rules

Middle School Contest Paper Registration

Middle School Contest Online Registration



High School Contest Coordinator:
Arpi Lajinian
Phone: 201-784-1600 x24181


Middle School Contest Coordinators:
Jelena Komitas
Coshetty Vargas


Administrative Assistant:
Susan Landers
Phone: 732-788-1257


Prior High School Contests

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2014 contest            2014 solutions

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2016, 40th Contest       2016, 40th Solutions

2017, 41st Contest       2017, 41st Solutions

2018, 42nd Contest   2018, 42nd Solutions

2019, 43rd Contest  2019, 43rd Solutions

Prior Middle School Contests

2013 contest and solutions

2014 contest        2014 solutions

2017 Contest     2017 Solutions

2018 Contest       2018 Solutions

2019 Contest     2019 Solutions



 Button Contest

Design the Official AMTNJ Button!

AMTNJ conducts an annual button contest. Each year a specific theme and shape are designated. Have your students design a simple button that is catchy and creative!
This year there will be three winners picked from the following grade categories k-4, 5-8, and 9-12. The winners will receive a grade appropriate calculator and the student’s mathematics teacher will receive a 1 year AMTNJ membership renewal in addition to free registration for a 2016 1-day conference of their choice.

The 2015 contest theme was Pi, 3.1415……

The 2016 theme is “Sequence and Pattern in Nature and Design”. For more info, click here.

If you have any questions regarding these contests please contact us at or call us at 732-788-1257.

Student Math in Art Contest
The deadline for submissions has passed.
Submissions are now being judged!
Click here for a slide show of some K-4 submissions!
Click here for a slide show of some 5-8 submissions!
Click here for a slide show of some 9-12 submissions!